Privacy Policy

A, Lvmac ( printing all contents, including but not limited to text, picture, audio, video, charts, mark, mark, advertisement, trademark, trade name, domain name, procedures, IP address, format design, the column directory and the name, content classification standards and for registered users to provide any or all of the information, will be general rules of civil law, the law of the People's Republic of China copyright law, the PRC trademark law, the PRC patent law, the PRC anti-unfair competition law, the protection of literature and art works the Berne convention ", the protection of industrial property rights the Paris convention and other related effective national laws and international convention on copyright, trademark right, patent right, such as the protection of commercial secrets, Lvmac ( copies of all content and spread of the intellectual property right law belongs to manasseh Lvmac division international and/or related obligee exclusive all or hold.

Second, Lvmac ( published and spread of the all content, and without the law, Lvmac and/or international related obligee written confirmation, prohibit any third party to use. Any third party and international law, the content of the Lvmac provides the body or its derivative all contents for non-commercial use only, and nonprofit, the advertisement purpose but pure for personal use appreciation, should strictly abide by the law of the People's Republic of China copyright law "and other relevant laws and regulations. Any third party and international law, Lvmac and/or provide any of the content of the related obligee for commercial, profit, when advertisement purpose, approval from manasseh Lvmac division international law and/or the holder of the relevant special written authorization, and mark "broadband (exclusive) each authorized", and the international convention and according to the laws of the People's Republic of pay taxes.

Three, and without the law, Lvmac and/or related international of the holder of the special written authorization, to any third party may not be changed, adaptation, reproduction, copy, distribute, display, broadcasts, projecting, reproduced, distribution, performance and utilization and division international Lvmac and/or related to provide any content or the holder in Lvmac ( outside the network platform of show video resources and capture the video resources and the formation of image, and shall not be through the deep link, link, link to buy buried technology method will contain the content of the Lvmac pages link, nested. Or otherwise of tort law, and Lvmac division international according to law, it shall be investigated for legal responsibility, and even such infringement is terminated.

Four, Lvmac ( to Internet users upload the digital works copyright shall belong to prior review obligation; The people shall make sure I haven't infringes on the copyright under the premise, to Lvmac ( upload digital works, or shall be borne by the legal responsibility.

Five, once the third party found its copyrighted material content through the Lvmac ( is not appropriate to release, send out or by other damage, the third party may require Lvmac ( provide registered material or delete the infringer infringing content; But prior to the Lvmac must ( or their lawyers to provide the following materials, otherwise this claim will be deemed to have not put forward: 1. The copyright owner identity documents; 2. Copyright ownership proof; 3. Description are infringing content on a web site where; 4. The copyright of the true contact means, including but not limited to address, telephone and E-mail; 5. The third party itself the authenticity of the information given above is the written guarantee; 6. Copyright owners said the use of fully believe dispute content without copyright or its agent/license person's legal license statement; 7. The law expressly requirements of the other material.